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                           Pub. Date: August 30, 2010

                           Publisher: Waldmann Press

                           Format: Paperback, 235pp

                           ISBN-13: 9780970257659

                           ISBN: 0970257651



In this captivating autobiography, Mueller takes us on a literary journey from his childhood years and early involvement with the entertainment industry up to the present day.


"In addition to providing glimpses into the private lives of numerous celebrities, Almost Famous is an inspirational tale of how one man overcame life's trials and tribulations in order to achieve a lasting sense of personal fulfillment."The Daily Herald



Steven Mueller is an American publicist, author and businessman who is best known for his work with celebrities. He is the founder and CEO of Mueller Entertainment, a Chicago and Los Angeles-based public relations firm.

Mueller, pictured above with pop-music icon Britney Spears, has represented numerous celebrities from the worlds of stage and screen. Read exciting behind-the-scenes stories in his brand-new autobiography, 'Almost Famous'.