by Steven Mueller
Adolf Hitler first visited the Obersalzberg, near Berchtesgaden, in 1923. Four years later he settled there, gradually reshaping the area as his party rose to power. During World War II this idyllic mountainside became, in many ways, the epicenter of Nazi might, serving as a private retreat for both Hitler as well as members of his inner circle. Today, largely destroyed and forgotten, the area stands as a silent reminder of the past.
Heavily illustrated, this book presents a comprehensive history of the Obersalzberg, and provides a rare glimpse into the lives and personalities of its former residents.
Steven Mueller is an American author and historian with seven published books to his credit, as well as dozens of magazine articles and television appearances. He has traveled to the Obersalzberg numerous times, where he has undertaken extensive research, and has personally interviewed the surviving members of Hitler's inner circle, including former staff members and the children of Nazi officials.