Steven Mueller (1969 - ) is an American publicist, author and businessman, who has written and published nine books to date, including The Germans of History (2000), Knights of the Deep (2004), Aces of the Luftwaffe (2006), The Wittelsbach Dynasty (2007), The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (2008), and his autobiography, Almost Famous (2010). In addition, he has released Obersalzberg (2014) and Cuzco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas (2015). He recently completed an unrelated, personal work: My Honey and Me: The Story of the Love of My Life (2019).

Mueller lives in suburban Chicago with his beloved wife, Angie Rodriguez (1971 - ); the couple was married in October 2004. He is also active in fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis research, and is the founder of Steven Mueller Expeditions, an adventure travel company.

Aside from being an author, Mueller previously worked as a celebrity publicist, serving as president and founder of Mueller Entertainment, an entertainment-based public relations firm with offices in Chicago and L.A.